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A photography of me taken at the North Ari Atoll, Maldives

This place is meant to be the personal homepage of me, René Küttner, from Radebeul, Germany. I am a software developer currently enrolled in the Computer Science program at Technische Universität Dresden, a ham with callsign DD0RKU and a hobby astronomer.

As you have probably already noticed, there is not much to read here at the moment. This will hopefully change over time. You may also have a look at, a weblog I am coauthoring.

If you plan to drop me a line, I highly encourage you to use my PGP public key (0xFD8E9381) for encryption. You will find contact options at the very bottom of this page.

Selection of software projects

You can find some of my software projects at my public Github page.
[2014] Neuroimaging Center Dresden [NIC] fMRI, Python, GIT
I developed a generic fMRI image data processing service. It consists of two parts: A webservice, where scientists can manage their fMRI scan data and create data processing jobs. Secondly, a bunch of distributed worker processes, that claim these jobs and execute them on a supercomputer cluster. The image processing is based on nipy.

Selection of FOSS1 programs

This is a selection of free open source software programs I took part in.
[2013] Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Student, C++, GIT, OpenGL
I worked the summer of 2013 as a GSoC participant for the Marble Virtual Globe project. My main goal was to implement an abstraction of Marble's actual graphics scene from the rendering backend. This paves the way for a scenegraph structure on top of arbitrary rendering backends like OpenGL. At the time of my project, Marble only had a hard wired software rendering backend (which is highly optimized and quite fast, though). [↗related weblog postings]
[2012] Google Code-In (GCI) Mentor, XML, XSLT, C++
As a Google Code-In 2012 mentor, I created a lot of small astronomy related tasks for students and pupils participating in the program. I also supported them with reaching their task goals and tried to pass on my experience in open source development.
[2012] ESA Summer of Code in Space (SoCiS) Student, C++, QT, GIT
I developed and implemented a plugin for the Marble Virtual Globe project during the summer of 2012 that adds support for visualization of orbital elements of planetary satellites (like mars spaceprobes). [↗related weblog postings]


[2015] Time-multiplexing for Remote-controlled Applications Bachelor Thesis
The slides of the associated talk can be found here.

Contact / Imprint

German law demands websites to provide an imprint.

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